Local Missions: (see Mission Service Projects in photo albums):
                      Missions of the Month for 2023
           * January: Wayne Pregnancy Center
Our January "Mission of the Month" is to support the Wayne Pregnancy Center. As we did last year, the church has purchased 25 quality diaper bags. We're asking our members to supply the baby items we need to fill the bags.
       * February:  Missionary Cole Morganti
We're supporting Cole Morganti. You may remember he's been called as a missionary to the Mormons in Salt Lake City. Cole serves through a wonderful ministry called Ratio Christi.
                                              Missions of the Month for 2022
        January: Wayne Pregnancy Center
We collected newborn supplies and diaper bags for use by the Wayne Pregnancy Center for the young mothers they serve.
      * February/March: 4 Day Movement's 4 Dollar Challenge
Pastor DJ's prayer is to reach 100,000 people through social media who will give $4 each! Funding will be used to: Feed people with Food with Favor Boxes; Provide short-term shelter in a hotel room; and Finance the Legacy housing for displaced persons.  How we can help: Pray;  Share the cause on social media; Contact four people in person; and Donate $4.  We may use Cash App ($4daymovement), Venmo (@fourdaymovement),  Paypal (link on website),  4Day website (www.4daymovement.org), or mail a check to The 4 Day Movement, 2822 Cashwell Dr. Box #146,  Goldsboro, NC 27534.
         * April: Ukraine Assistance
Congregation made donations out to our Church and our church will send the funds to the EPC in Poland where they are assisting with the Ukrainians that have migrated there. 
        *  June:  Young Life
Make your contribution to Cornerstone and designate Young Life... over $4,300 raised.
     July:  Christmas in July
Support Samaritan's Purse "Operations Christmas Child" through the filling of plastic containers.  "Dolls in Mission" program to make dolls to insert in the boxes. 
          September:  Food supplies for 4-Day Movement
We're asking for grocery donations to fill 4 Day food boxes. Please bring:bread, peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti sauce, noodles, Ramen noodles, canned vegetables or fruit, canned chili or meat, mac n cheese, and bottled water. Please bring sizes that will easily fit in their boxes - not large industrial sized containers. Thank you!
                      Missions of the Month for 2021
        * January:  Wayne Pregnancy Center
 We collected supplies and filled 20 diaper bags for the Wayne Pregnancy Center. 
      * May:  Kwetu Faraja
Raised money for Kwetu Faraja towards funding a bus to transport children to their newly accredited school.  This will help the school become financially self-sufficient.  
    * June:  John & Austin Baker
Our June Mission of the Month is to support John and Austin Baker (Jeffries) as they raise support to be missionaries to the college students at NC State over the next two years. They will be serving through Summit College program and need to raise their entire financial support. Please pray for them, share this ministry with others, and consider offering financial help. You can send a check to Cornerstone or support them directly. Thank you!
       * August:  Scott, Ellen and Children
This lovely family has been commissioned by the EPC to work as missionaries in a far away country to bring Christ to non-Christians.  Last names and country not mentioned due to restrictions.  We will pray for them and give generously toward this wonderful and much needed ministry.
     * October:  Community Soup Kitchen
Since there will not be a Chili Cookoff this year the Community Soup Kitchen will need our financial support.  Please support this much needed community service with your gifts.
        * November:  "Heart and Soul" - Joe Woodard ministry
We want to pray for Joe's ministry and support him financially along with providing $5 food coupons in an envelope with a message of hope for homeless people.
International Missions:

Kwetu Faraja:
  • In April 2018 two of our members spent two weeks in Tanzania assisting with a crisis there.

  • In September 2017 we had a fundraiser at La Paz to raise money for a shipping container to purchase and send supplies to Kwetu Faraja for their school that is being built.  Much more resources are needed to complete this project.

  • Eight of us from Cornerstone went on a mission trip to Kwetu Faraja Children's Home in Tanzania, Africa June 6 - 20, 2017.  It was a tremendous blessing to get to know the 34 boys who live at Kwetu Faraja, and to see first hand how God is using Lori and Paul to minister to these children.  The team worked very hard with the boys to clean, spackle, and paint their entire dorm, and begin to dig two retaining ponds for a tilapia farm.  We also fed the pigs, watered the garden, held VBS, worshiped, enjoyed meals together, visited the village, and celebrated Children of Africa day!  Our trip was a wonderful combination of doing much needed and meaningful work with building Christ-centered relationships with the kids, being an encouragement to Paul and Lori (Lori is the only American in the entire area), and delivering about 350 pounds of supplies that you all donated - along with some much needed financial assistance.

    Missionary Lori Knapp, her husband Paul, children Joseph and Elizabeth visited our church October 22 - 23, 2016.  We had a potluck dinner Saturday night and Lori updated us on their ministry at the dinner and at Cross Training.  She delivered a powerful message of "Fearless Serving" at our Sunday worship service.

  • We donated $5,000 to purchase a palm oil press to assist Kwetu Faraja to assist them in becoming self sufficient in April, 2016.  However, they had to use this money for other services since they could locate a reasonably priced palm oil press.

  • We continued our relationship with Kwetu Faraja and did a skype video with Lori during our worship service.  We provided a $8,200 donation to purchase personal lockers for the boys and other needed items in September, 2015.

  • Missionary Lori Knapp, her husband Paul, son and father Jason visited our church in November, 2015 and told about Kwetu Faraja, a ministry to street children in Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa.  Our church members responded by making a donation to Kwetu Faraja and began a relationship with their ministry.

    Compassion in Jesus' Name:
    • Compassion International - as of May 2018 we have 10 Cornerstone Church families supporting at least 10 children in various developing countries.  Each month the children receive contributions from our members.  The funding goes to develop children in poverty so they will become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.  The program is Christ centered, child focused, church based, and committed to integrity.... began in May, 2014.