Employment Opportunity for
Part-Time Worship Leader

  • Professing believer in Jesus Christ
    • Lives in a manner that testifies that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior
    • Affirms the beliefs expressed in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s “Essentials of the Faith.”
    • Encourages others in their faith and supports Cornerstone’s Mission to be a “loving family of faith.”
  • Experience
    • Has participated in a Worship Team, preferably with leadership experience
    • A degree in music is not required but may be beneficial
    • College or University Intern may be considered

Ideally this person will sing (preferably lead, but could be back up), and play an instrument. Our Worship Leader will also be expected to create continuity in our music ministry by coordinating when people will sing or play, scheduling and leading practices, and preparing the worship software program (MediaShout) for the Sunday morning worship service.
  • Skilled worship leader
    • Sings and/or plays an instrument at a high level, while expressing joy, warmth and humility in worship.
    • Introduces songs or makes other transitions that help the worship service to be meaningful and enjoyable. 
  • Schedules when our musicians will lead worship
    • Determines how to most effectively coordinate our musicians and their gifts.
    • Schedules the musicians, insures substitutes are in place as needed, and periodically participates in the music presentation
  • Coordinates music practices on a regular basis
    • Leads Music Team practices to produce excellent music in worship.
    • Is a skilled leader who can maximize our group’s gifts, while facilitating loving, mutually encouraging relationships within our Music Team.
    • Selects music for the worship services in cooperation with the pastor, and upon the input of the Music Team.
    • Utilizes praise songs, traditional hymns, or hymns sung in a modern style.
    • Attends practices to insure the Media Shout presentation is in sync with what the Music Team is singing.
  • Develops the Media Shout presentation on a weekly basis
    • Posts the announcements, lyrics, and graphics to Media Shout each week to create a quality visual presentation for the worship service.
    • Develops presentations in a manner that supports the theme of the service and enhances the worship experience.
  • Attends Worship Team meetings (once per month, or on an “as needed” basis)
    • Works with the pastor and the Worship Team to make the music complement the rest of the worship service.
    • Prays with the group, and strives to strengthen relationships within the group.

The Worship Leader at Cornerstone will not be expected to lead these ministries alone, but to partner with active church members and our pastor in serving the Lord. This position will be shaped by the developing needs of the church as well as the passions, gifts, and abilities of the Worship Leader.

If interested in applying, please submit your resume to Cornerstone Church, 401 N. Oak Forest Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534, or email Pastor Ryan Rasmussen at ryanrasmussen1972@gmail.com. If you have any demos, please forward those also.
If you have questions, please contact Pastor Ryan at (919) 750-5384.